Valve are the device to control (or) regulate the direction of rate of flow of air under any pressure from compressor and also regulate the pressure of the air.
1. Inline slide valve
2. Flow control valve
3. Spool valve
    The airflow through the port is controlled by an additional slide valve. The valve is manually activated. This valve is normally open in one direction. With the help of this valve the air inside the pneumatic system ( at reset condition ) can be evacuated to the atmosphere.
    The spool contain a pilot piston as a control element which loads and unloads the cylinder port by performing a longitudinal motion. The spool valve used in this pneumatic system is five port, two position, single solenoid pilot operated valve.
    It has one inlet, two outlets, and two exhaust. This valve is normally opened in one direction. That is the airflow from inlet ( one ) to the outlet ( two ) and air exhaustion will be from outlet ( four ) to exhaust five. On giving current to the solenoid coil the flow of air will be redirected from inlet one to outlet four and air exhaustion will be from outlet two to exhaust three. When the current is switched off, the pilot is returned to the original position. The pilot return is done with the help of the spring.
    A Flow control valve regulates the rate of airflow. The control action is limited to the air flow when it is opened for maintaining a set volume per unit of time. The type of valve used is restricted valve and is designed with variable restrictor. The variable restrictor affords variable control flow. Adjustment of restrictor valve for flow control in a pneumatic control system is exclusively manual.
Ref no Part Name No. of Parts
1 Spacer 5
2 'O' ring 2
3 'O' ring 6
4 Spring 1
5 Nut ring 2
6 Solenoid valve sub Assembly ( with out coil ) 1 no.
  'O' ring - 2 no's
  Screws - 2 no's
7 Coil ( With out Socket Ac 220 volt )

Model 5 / 2 Way
Port Size Inlet, Outlet - G 1 / 4 Exhaust
Working Pressure Range Pilot operated, 2 - 10 Bar, Spring Return 3 - 10 Bar.
Medium Temperature 5 - 60 Degree Celsius
Material of Construction Aluminum, Bronze, Brass, Steel, Acetal.
Flow its/min 1000
Voltage ( v ) 10% AC 230 volt
Power Consumption. 4.5 watt
Duty Cycle Continuous
Type of coil protection IP65
Class of insulation Class F
Inlet Pressure 6 Bar, and pressure drop 1 Bar.