Electronic components used in the project are
    1. Transistor
    2. Relay
    3. Diode
    4. Transformer
    5. Resistor
    6. 12Volt Regulator

    Transistor is the semi conductor device, which has the property of a switch. The Transistor can be ON or OFF by giving current to the base under proper biasing.

    Relay is the device, which connects the DC Voltage with AC Voltage (i.e) the relay has four terminals two for connecting AC and other two for connecting DC. Let A, B, C and D ( Ref. to fig. PICCIR/001/003) be the four terminals.
    A and B be connected to the DC and C and D be connected to the AC. The inbuilt circuit of relay consist of a electromagnet and a switch. A and B are the two ends of the electromagnet and C and D are the ends of switch. The switch can be ON or OFF by giving a DC supply to electromagnet. So the circuit is closed and the AC supply is flow through the circuit. The circuit may be connected to any device.

    Diode is the semiconductor device that allows the current only in one direction under forward bias.

    Resistor is a passive device which resist the flow of current and drop the voltage across it. The Value of resistance mostly depends on the temperature, area, and length of the resistor.

    Transformer is a electrical device used to convert high AC voltage to low Ac voltage ( or ) vice versa. The transformer used in this project is step down transformer which converts high AC voltage to low AC voltage without change in the frequency of AC voltage. The transformer is a 230v to 12v step down transformer of frequency 50Hz.

    The 12 volt regulator is used to regulate the supply at exactly 12 volts.